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The Opinion is not responsible for the comments added by the users. We request the portal users to follow morality, ethics and decency norms, when writing comments on the published articles and news, and do not incite to violence, hate or discrimination, do not spread information that would insult a person’s respect and honour, do not use another person’s name as your own. If the requests are ignored, The Opinion has the right to delete the improper comments in the portal, as well as ban the user from using the portal.

In the comments, added to the articles, it is forbidden to:
•    Publish any kind of political ads and propaganda. If the user fails to do so, he will be banned from the Comment section for an undetermined period of time.
•  Publish information that insult’s a person’s respect and honour, is threating, defamatory, pornographic, blasphemous; incite to race or ethnical intolerance, including identity or information of another person.
•    Publish information that may contain computer virus or malicious components.
•    Publish commercial information.

If the aforementioned terms will not be followed, The Opinion has the right to ban the user’s access to the Comment section and report them to the lax enforcement institutions.
By sending in and publishing information in The Opinion, you are giving them all the copyrights. The sender of the information has no right to demand payment from The Opinion for the use, publishing and distribution of this information.